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RAHA Fundraising Opportunites

We have put together some great fundraisers this year that will hopefully help offset your ice bill.  All fundraisers are optional with the exception of the raffle tickets.  Please contact me if you have questions on the list below or if you have an idea for a future fundraiser.

Chris Noonkesser

Fundraising and Operations Manager

Personal Fundraisers

These (Kwik Trip, Scrip, Gerten's Plant Cards & Nitti Sanitation) are personal fundraisers that are set up for you to earn money towards your skater(s) ice bills on items you may already be using, or may begin using for your family.  

These fundraisers run year round.

Kwik Trip Gas & Gift Cards


Get credit towards your annual ice bill just by purchasing something you already use every day.  Earn a $5 RAHA credit for every $100 card you purchase.  This fundraiser runs 365 days a year so get out those calculators to find out what your potential annual credit could be.

Visit our Kwik Trip Page today and order your cards!

Shop with Scrip

Are you ready to take your everyday purchases and turn them into money towards your ice bills?  Well, that time is here.  Earn 1.5% - 16% by purchasing gift cards for places you go everyday.   For more information on how to get started TODAY...See Our Shop With Scrip Fundraising Page

Sign-Up for Nitti Sanitation and get $80 off your ice bill


See our Nitti Sanitation Page for more details on how to get signed up

Gertens Plant Cards


Receive a12% ice bill credit on every $25 card you purchase.  That's $3 per card or $12 for every $100 in cards you purchase.  These make a great gift   This fundraiser runs 365 days a year so plan on Gertens for all your green house needs. 

Click on our Gertens Flower Card page to order your cards!

Selling Fundraisers

These (Gerten's & World's Finest Chocolates) are fundraisers that are set up for you to sell items to family, neighbors, co-workers etc., to earn money towards your Monthly ice bills.

Gerten's is in October of each year and World's Finest Chocolates is available year round.

Gertens Holiday Orders


You will receive a 25% ice credit on your total sales of Gertens Holiday products.  Visit our Gertens Holdiay Page for more information, product brochures and order forms.

Worlds Finest Chocolate


Earn a $25 ice credit with every box of Worlds Finest Chocolates you EAT or SELL!  ORDER PAGE

RAHA Fundraisers

These are special events where RAHA is able to fundraise for our association as a whole, they are one time events each year with the exception of AMAZON, which is a year round fundraiser.

Amazon Smiles

Do you buy stuff on AMAZON?  If You Do....please do your online order through RAHA's Amazon Smiles affiliate page and a percentage of your purchase will come back to RAHA.  

Amazon Smiles for RAHA

Halloween Party at Carbones


This Years Bash will be on Saturday October 28th at Carbones....ADULTS ONLY....More information will be posted our Events Tab come October.