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Board of Directors

For faster response, please send your inquiry to the Board Person with the appropriate title.

***Grievances should be sent to our Vice President***

Board Positions

Andy Proshek


Phone: 651-485-2725

Lisa Toll

Vice President

Phone: 612-280-7208

Kevin Bigalke


Phone: Phone: 952-237-6554

Cara Marx

Operations Manager/Fundraising

Phone: 612-306-2968

Jason Latzke

Communications/Web & Registrations

Phone: 651-253-7885

Marc Tobias

Coaches Coordinator

Phone: 651-503-9433

Kevin Bigalke

Traveling Girls Coordinator/Equipment

Phone: 952-237-6554

Ivan Clements

Volunteer Coordinator


Kyle Finn

Goalie Coordinator

Phone: 952-224-6704

Jeff Olund

IP Coordinator

Phone: 651-329-5158

Jay Condon

Elected March 2019

Sara Marchese

Elected March 2019

Mike Staloch

Elected March 2019

Non-Board Positions

Chris Kalata

Ice Scheduler

Phone: 651.276.0351

Doug Ebner


Phone: 612.581.7836

Lori Kalata

Co-Concession Stand Manager

Phone: 651.276.0355