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Gertens Plant Card Fundraiser

Introducing the Gertens Gift Card Fundraiser


Earn a 12% credit towards your ice bill on every $25 Plant Card purchased.  These cards are only good for buying PLANTABLE ITEMS (Plants, Shrubs etc.)

Cara Marx

Please contact Cara if you want to check on your Gertens credit



This fundraiser is availble to ALL RAHA level skaters

These special fundraiser cards can only be ordered through the RAHA website.  You will not receive ice credits when purchasing cards directly through Gertens.


  • Click on the ORDER link below
  • Fill out your information and quantity of $25 cards you would like to purchase
  • Create a payment account to make future ordering easier
  • Submit your order with our online secure E-Check
  • You will receive an online receipt via email
  • Your cards will be available for pick-up at the Carbones Pull-Tab Booth within 48 hours of ordering 
  • Just tell the attendant you are picking up your Gertens cards and give them your SKATERS NAME
  • Credits will be issued during monthly (Nov - Mar for traveling levels)
  • Mite and U8 credits will be issued during your season 2nd half payment


This fundraiser will run continuously throughout the year so you can earn credit at any time.

We are trying to keep expenses low to maximize our members ice bill credit, so we will not be offering credit card purchases or card mailings at this time.

We are only offering out cards in increments of $25