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Plug in into your mobile phone browser and follow the directions to ADD to your Home Screen

RAHA families, 
Are you ready to turn a percentage of your everyday purchases into money toward your ice bills?  Well, that time is here.  Earn 1.5% - 16% by purchasing gift cards for places you go everyday with our new fundraiser SHOP WITH SCRIP.  See Scrip Retailer List attachment for a list of participating retailers.  
Please Click here for an informational flyer to help walk you through the program.  After you have read the flyer, Fill out the code reqest registration at the bottom of this page to request our Scrip Code.  Once your skater is verified, we will email you the code.  From there you can visit the website at to create your account.
If you would like a more in depth process explanation please see the "Family User Guide" attachment. 
Learn more about the unique features available, including:
  • PrestoPay, our online payment system. (you must sign up for PrestoPay, we will not be collecting checks.  This process must be completed PRIOR to entering any SCRIP orders!)
    • The PrestoPay process is not complete until you e-mail your four digit code to AND get an e-mail back stating that you are all set, as that four digit code has to get entered into the back end of the system.
  • Digitally delivered products like ScripNowReload, and ReloadNow.
  • MyScripWallet, our mobile scrip experience.
In addition to physical cards, scrip also has Reload and Scrip Now cards 
  • Reload  - cards you buy once and reload via My scrip wallet on your mobile device.
    • For example you buy a Cub Foods card and while you are standing in line at Cub Foods you figure you have $100 in groceries so you fill you initial card via My Scrip wallet on your mobile device.  
  • scrip now - cards you buy via My scrip wallet on your mobile device.
    • For example, you go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch; you buy a gift card via My Scrip wallet on your mobile device and then redeem via your mobile device.

RAHA will place orders with SCRIP on the 5th and 19th of every Month, so your orders need to be entered by the 4th and 18th, in order to receive your card(s) in that shipment.  Orders leave SCRIP the next business day, and take; 3-5 days to arrive to us in Rosemount, cards can be picked up at the Pull Tab booth at Carbone's.  Once cards are sorted and delivered to the pull tab booth at Carbone's, an e-mail will be sent out when cards have arrived so you know when you can pick up your cards. 
There is an $8 shipping and handling fee for physical cards that scrip ships to us, RAHA will cover that cost so all SCRIP earnings will go directly back to your skater's account.   RAHA will receive a deposit and fundraising summary from SCRIP on the 20th of each month, those credits will be credited to your ice bill the following month.  For example, RAHA will receive a fundraising summary at the end of October, those credits will appear on your November ice payment.  
Helpful links, information and updates as we receive them from SCRIP will be posted on the fundraising page;  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.