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Skater Waivers

RAHA President Mike Staloch


For information on player waiver rules, please see the MN Hockey Handbook 

A player's participation in a specific hockey association is determined by Minnesota Hockey's Participation Rule (see link above).  Under the current rule, players have the option of essentially playing where they live or where they go to school. 

To Skate for RAHA, one of the following must be true:

1) Skater resides at a residential address within the Rosemount city boundaries.

2) Skater attends an Elementary or Middle School that feeds into Rosemount High School.

3) Skate is Open Enrolled at an Elementary or Middle School that feeds into Rosemount High School.

4) Skater is Open Enrolled at a Private School within the Rosemount boundaries

RAHA's Waiver Policy

Waiving IN

RAHA is one of the largest Youth Hockey Associations in the State of MN with over 750 skaters.  We DO NOT waive in skaters who simply just want to skate for Rosemount.   Skaters who are open enrolled to a Rosemount School should download and complete the waiver form below which will need to be signed by the President from your residing cities hockey association as well as RAHA's President. 


RAHA will waive out skaters who are waiving out per the school attendance waiver rule.   All other waiver requests should be first discussed with the RAHA President before starting the waiver process.

Our current Presidents contact information can be found on the RAHA BOARD page under the Home tab.


Completed forms or forms needing the RAHA President's signature can be dropped off in the Presidents mail slot at RCC down by the zamboni garage.  The slot is in the lower left corner when facing the mailboxes.