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Welcome to the Irish Goalie Clinic

Please send Questions to our Clinic Coordinator

Kyle Finn

Goalie Coordinator

Phone: 952-224-6704

2018-2019 RAHA Goalie Clinics

RAHA is pleased to announce the RAHA Pre Season Goalie Clinic.  We will be using a new program this year for our preseason clinics. We strongly encourage that our traveling goalies attend the clinics prior to the upcoming season. We will have two different groups and times to choose from for training this pre-season .  All of the Goalie Clinics will be held at the RCC and ran by Pro Hybrid or the RAHA goalie committee.    

Our goalies will be working in small groups with individualized instruction that will help them to improve on their skills and prepare for the traveling tryouts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sign-Up Also Includes Ice Time during our Irish Skating Clinics

Included with the Goalie Clinics, clinic registered goalies will also be attending Irish Skating Clinic as part of the preseason goalie training.  The Goalie Committee will assign the goalies to a skating group and will communicate to the families what group your goalie will be skating with.  

The Registration "Welcome to the Irish Goalie Clinic" is not currently available.

ALL Sessions are at RCC