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New to Hockey? No problem!

Before you go any further, it is important that you know that your home address must feed into Rosemount High School in order to play in RAHA (This is a MN Hockey rule).  If you aren't sure, you can find out HERE

If you pass the address test, then we are here to answer any questions you might have.


  1. Hockey is a fantastic exercise—Hockey is one of the best cardiovascular games your child could play.  Players are alternating between skating and rest at very rapid rates, which makes hockey one of the best cardiovascular interval training sports.  This training improves the speed at which your child's body brings oxygen to their muscles while burning tons of calories.  Hockey requires a high level of coordination; regular play can develop a child's gross motor skills, which leads to improvement with the more difficult fine motor skills, and improves hand-eye coordination, which can translate to a better understanding of spatial relationships.
  2. Hockey builds character - Since hockey is a team sport, kids learn the value of working with others.  They will learn really quickly to rely on teammates and understand that cooperation is the key to success.  Kids on hockey teams experience a team spirit that encourages trust, responsibility, sportsmanship and a strong sense of accomplishment.  These skills are essential as teammates turn into colleagues.  
  3. Hockey improves mental agility—Hockey is an extremely fast sport in which kids have to cope with changes in split-seconds. Plays develop, momentum shifts and opportunities open and close in a blink of an eye.  A child in this sport will quickly adapt their mental agility to be able to recognize these opportunities and their concentration will improve.  In addition, hockey players will quickly begin to project mental imagery of not just what is going to happen, but what will happen next leading towards greater mental agility as well.
  4. You live in Minnesota—As Minnesotans, just as ice is part of our life in nature, ice runs native through our veins.  The very culture of winter sports bonds our communities together and accounts for the reason why Minnesota is #1 in physical activity in the nation.  Our hero's of our winter sports are known to us all and our ability to attract you into our skating programs really knows no bounds.  

While the reasons above talk about why your child should play hockey, we as an association are dedicated to the cause of improving our youth and making them feel excited to play a sport that they will love.  We hope you'll join us next season and below we'll talk about how to get started.

Ready to get Started?

It is never too late to start your child in hockey, but an earlier than later start is recommended. We find that third grade and younger is ideal.  Previous skating experience is helpful, but is not required.  Our Hockey Initiation Program (IP) consists of skaters 8 and under designated into levels (Termites, Mini-Mites, 6U Girls, Mites and 8U Girls).  These skaters  do not have a "Tryout", but are evaluated so we can eventually place them with skaters of the same skill level.  Our Traveling levels (Squirts, PeeWees & Bantams and 10U Girls, 12U Girls and 15U Girls) do have a "tryout".  The goal of these tryouts is to place your skater on a team with other skaters with similar abilities,  allowing them to work with kids that are at a relatively same level of play. 

If you have not skated before, we encourage you to take advantage of the spring and fall "Learn to Skate" program offered through Rosemount's Learn to Skate Program.  We think you will find it to be a great way for your child to learn the basics of skating, which in turn, will help your skater in their hockey play.  

Now, let's discuss where your child's level is and what to expect.  There are (2) links below.  One letting you know the MN Hockey level age ranges so you know where you will be skating, and one for our 1017-18 Initiation Program (IP Program) for our 8 and Under skaters so you know what more to expect, what you will need for equipment etc. etc.


Registration usually OPENS in late July and you can get to our Registration Page off of our "Home" tab (Late July is an approximation as to when the page link will appear).

if you have questions on anything, please feel free to Contact Us.  You can browse the appropriate RAHA Board member to contact on our BOARD TAB of the homepage