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In Season PEP Training

Each year, the board receives requests from our families for more specialized in-season training.

Last season, a local PEP (Power Edge Pro) company tested this concept with one of our teams. They focused on puck handling, edge work and shooting skills in a fast paced environment; it was well liked by both the kids and coaches.

RAHA's Player Development Coordinator Coach Ricky, and other members of the Player Development Committee, recommended using this company as a way to provide the same high-level of training to every player, regardless of playing level.

What is PEP & Why are we doing it?

Traditional player development models focus on isolated skill development. Players have one practice/station for power skating, one for puck handling and another for shooting. The biggest void with this training model is that players never become efficient at all of these skills at once. They become great skaters OR great puck handlers… but never great multitaskers. PEP merges all the skills together.

True PEP training is only available by certified instructors with specialized training and equipment.

How does this work?

RAHA partnered with this local Power Edge Pro company to work with our skaters at all traveling levels.

PEP instructors run a handful of on-ice sessions throughout the season for each traveling team. RAHA in-house coaches will assist the instructors and hopefully takeaway a few new ideas for continued training at future practices.

These sessions are scheduled during shared practices for all traveling teams for a fraction of the cost that an individual would pay for the same training outside of RAHA.

Much like this season's goalie training, the cost is added to each team's budget and paid for by all players.