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2023-2024 Registration

before clicking on the registration link at the bottom

Jr Gold Registration Now Opens with All Other Levels!

Jr. Gold  registration will open at the same time as all other levels. Jr. Gold will not have to pay for registration until first ice bill. If there's a chance that your child may play Jr. Gold, please complete the registration so we can get a better idea as to the number of kids to expect this year.

Birth Certificate Required for All First Year Skaters

If this is your skaters first year in Minnesota organized hockey, a PDF scan or JPG photo of your child's birth certificate will be required to complete this registration. Please have a PDF or JPG ready to upload before you start the registration process.

Are You Registering with the Correct Hockey Association?

Minnesota Hockey uses your school districts High School feeder system to set our association boundaries.  One of the parents address should be assigned to a elementary or middle school that feeds into Rosemount High School.  A skater also qualifies to play for Rosemount if they are open enrolled at one of these schools.  Open enrollment skaters must complete the MN Hockey waiver process before they are allowed to skate.  For more information, see our waiver page under the registration tab.

For best results, only enter your house # and city (Not the street) 

District 196 Address Look-Up

MN Hockey Age Charts

We align to the Minnesota Hockey age charts, which are posted online here

Minnesota Hockey 2023-24 Level of Play

Boys Date Range Girls Date Range
Junior Gold 6/01/04 to 5/31/06
Junior Gold 16 6/01/06 to 5/31/08
Bantam 6/01/08 to 5/31/10 15U 6/01/07 to 5/31/10
PeeWee 6/01/10 to 5/31/12 12U 6/01/010 to 5/31/12
Squirt 6/01/12 to 5/31/14 10U 6/01/12 to 5/31/14
Mite 6/01/14 to 5/31/16 8U 6/01/14 to 5/31/16
Mini Mite 6/01/16 to 5/31/18 6U 6/01/16 to 5/31/18
Termite Boys and Girls 6/01/18 to 5/31/19 Termite Boys and Girls 6/01/18 to 5/31/19

2023-2024 Registration Dates and Fees - TRAVELING

Level Registration Tryout Opens $50 Late Fee $100 Late Fee Closes
Bantam $155 $100 July 1 July 24 July 31 August 7
Peewee $155 $100 July 1 July 24 July 31 August 7
Squirts $155 $100 July 1 July 24 July 31 August 7
15U Girls $155 $100 July 1 TBD TBD August 7
12U Girls $155 $100 July 1 July 24 July 31 August 7
10U Girls $155 $100 July 1 July 24 July 31 August 7
Jr. Gold $50 $0 July 1 November
  1. Traveling Tryouts are optional and you will have the option to opt-out of this expense during registration with your child being placed on the lowest traveling team for that level. 
  2. All Traveling teams (10U/Squirt up to Jr gold) will have additional monthly ice bills (Oct - Mar) estimated between $225-$400 per month depending on level and team your son or daughter skates on.

2023-2024 Registration Dates and Fees - IP

Level Registration Fee Evaluation Fee $100 Late Fee Applies Registration Closes
Mites $450 $0 October 9 December 31
8U Girls $450 $0 October 9 December 31
Mini-Mites $325 $0 October 9 December 31
6U Girls $325 $0 October 9 December 31
Termites $185 $0 October 9 December 31

Volunteer Requirements


Hockey is expensive and in an effort to keep our program as affordable as possible, we require our parents to volunteer their time over the course of our 4-6 month season.  See the volunteer tab on the homepage for more information on your requirements.

As an incentive to make sure our parents are fullfilling their volunteer requirements, we will be collecting volunteer checks prior to your child participating in any on ice activities. The volunteer deposit per family will be $500 for one player; $750 for two or more players. Checks will be collected at the pre-season parent meetings or tryouts/evaluations.  The volunteer obligation will be once again 7.5 hours for one skater and 15 hours for two or more skaters.  Hours are not transferrable and cannot be carried over to the next season.  Failure to complete your hours will result in the forfeiture of your volunteer deposit.  The checks will be destroyed when volunteer hours have been completed. 

Requirements for Jr Gold/Jr Gold 16 Boys and Termites

Jr Gold/Jr Gold 16 Boys will be required to complete 3.5 volunteer hours. Termites are exempt from volunteer hours. ALL families will be required to provide a check, and all families will need to complete 100% of volunteer hours or check will be cashed.

Rosemount Youth Hockey thanks our parents for their time and commitment as you are doing your part to keep hockey as affordable as possible for all of our skaters.