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  1. Will tournaments during the pause be rescheduled?
    • This is dependent upon each tournament organizer. To date, some are trying to reschedule, while others are canceling. RAHA's Manager Coordinator, Kate Fossum, is compiling the list of tournaments and their status. (We will update this question as more information becomes available.)
  2. If tournaments are canceled, will teams be reimbursed?
    • All tournaments scheduled by RAHA, should  receive reimbursement if the cancelation is due to COVID.
    • The RAHA Booster hosted Squirt C Tourney has been cancelled. The Boosters will work on refunds for teams that were participating in the tournament .
  3. Who is responsible for finding out the status of tournaments?
    •  RAHA's Manager Coordinator, Kate Fossum, is facilitating this for tournaments scheduled by RAHA. If your team and/or manager received communication about a tournament, please forward all communications to Kate so she can inform our accountant and other necessary parties.


  1. Will district games be rescheduled?
    • RAHA has 61 home and 53 away games scheduled during the pause; rescheduling games depends on Minnesota Hockey's decision to extend the season. (We will update this question as more information becomes available.)
  2. Do teams need to do anything to cancel games and scrimmages?
    • Nothing needs to be done for traveling level league games. Refs for league games will be canceled by District 8.
    • Scrimmages and refs scheduled by traveling level team managers, will need to be canceled by the managers.
  3. Will the game change fee be waived?
    • Yes, all game calendars will remain unchanged during the pause, nothing needs to be done to cancel games. scheduled by RAHA. If games are rescheduled for after the pause, all game change fees will be waived.
  4. Are teams allowed to play in other states that aren't shut down?
    • No Minnesota Hockey rostered teams are allowed to play during the designated pause time period. This includes play outside of Minnesota in bordering states. Play is defined as practice, scrimmages, games and tournaments.  Even a parent coordinating a practice or game, with a group of kids from different teams, either outside or in another state may be construed as an organized event.  It is critical that we follow the restrictions that have been set up, as we do not want to jeopardize the chances of returning to play. (Please review the letter from MN Hockey President, Steve Oleheiser).


  1. Will pictures be rescheduled?
    • Since the Rosemount Community Center is forced to close per the Executive Order, pictures will be postponed. The new date will depend on when the RCC can open again.
  2. What happens if we've already paid for pictures but haven't taken them?
    • The photographer is in the process of refunding families who already paid for pictures scheduled for this weekend.


  1. Are teams allowed to schedule ice at Dakotah! Ice Center?
    • No.


  1. Are RAHA members allowed to skate on outdoor rinks and ponds?
    • Per the directive by Minnesota Hockey, no team or organized groups should be gathering to skate on ponds or outdoor rinks during the 4-week pause.
  2. Will the City of Rosemount be flooding and maintaining its outdoor rinks?
    • COVID Committee is contacting the City of Rosemount regarding their plans. (We will update this question as more information becomes available.)


  1. Does the pause affect the coach requirement deadline?
    • No. Coaching requirements remain the same. Coaches must complete background check, safe sport training, and age specific module ASAP. CEP training must be completed by 12/31/2020. Good news is that you can take a virtual CEP course from any state.