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Board Dibs Coordinator

Danielle Olson - 651.341.0358

Concessions Managers

Trish Caspar - 612.940.8989

Kathy Grenier - 507.456.2940

***Carryover hours from 2020-2021 season***

Hours completed for the 2020-2021 season, in excess of 2.5 (if 2.5 hours were required), will be credited to participant accounts.



2021 - 2022 Volunteer Hours Overview

  • REQUIRED HOURS: 7.5 hours per skater not to exceed 15 hours per family for all levels except: Junior Gold/U16 (3.5 hours required), and Termites (0 hours required).
  • To view and claim DIBS, you must be logged in with the account that was used to register your skater.  (See below instructions on adding a 2nd parent or guardian to the registering account)
  • Check back often as people cancel their claimed shifts, and additional shifts are posted
  • If you do not complete your volunteer commitment for the 2021-2022 season, you will forfeit your volunteer deposit check ($500 1 skater/$750 for 2 or more skaters)

General FAQ's

Why am I not seeing any Dibs?
1) Make sure you are logged in with the account that was used to register your skater as only the registrants account is able to view and claim Dibs.   If you are the non-registering parent, you can request the registering parent to attach you to the skaters profile (see PDF document below).
2) It could be that all Dibs have been claimed at the moment and you will need to check back for the next batch of volunteer shifts to be uploaded.

What if I have multiple skaters and all of my completed hours are under only 1 skater? 
You should try and balance out the hours you claim between 2 skaters (7.5 each), but if the 15 hour total for your family is met, you are good to go.

Concession Stand FAQ's

What if I don't see any available shifts?
Make sure you are logged in from the account that was used to register your skater, as that is a requirement to view and claim dibs. We try to continually add shifts, but there may be times when you need to check back as we have not uploaded the next batch of shifts yet.
How do I know what to do if this is my first time working?
If you are relieving a shift, ask the volunteers working to give you an overview before they leave.  There is also a white 3-ring binder by the cheese machine that has details on how to work things as well as opening & closing instructions.  If you’re opening, one of the managers will usually be in to get you going.  If we can’t be there at open or close, we will let you know & step you through things beforehand.
What do we do if someone doesn’t show up?
If someone doesn’t show up for their shift while you are working or to relieve you, please notify one of the concession managers immediately.  The managers’ numbers are posted in the stand near the light switch.
Should we answer the stand’s phone if it rings?
YES PLEASE!  If you’re not swamped.  It’s probably one of the managers checking in.  If helping customers, don’t worry, we will call back in a bit.
What if the stand is running out of change or items that could affect sales (like hot dog buns)?
Please contact one of the managers before you run out so we can be proactive.
What if I make a mistake on the register?
There are note cards in each register to write the mistake on.  Please fill out the best you can so we can go back & correct it, if needed.
Can my teenager work with me?
Not at this time.  Due to new changes in COVID regulations; we are making a change that only allows those 18 and over to help or be in the concession stand.
Can my younger children hang out with me while I work?
No.  All people must be 18 or older to be in the concession stand at any time.  This is for their safety, others working in the stand as well as our customers (food handling).