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Volunteer Hours Information

Concession Stand Managers


Lori Kalata - 651.276.0355

MJ Carlson - 651.755.3726

2018-19 Volunteer Hours Overview

  •  Required Hours: 7.5 hours 1 skater, 15 hours multiple skaters
  • You need to claim hours using the Sports Engine account that your skater was registered with in order for them to be tracked
  • If you do not complete your volunteer commitment and, for traveling level players, turn in your jersey, you will forfeit your volunteer deposit check
  • Log in to the account used to register your skater to view your remaining volunteer commitment
  • Check often as people cancel out of a shift and additional shifts are posted often

Tournament Volunteer Shifts

Concession Stand Volunteer FAQS


  1. How do I know what to do if this is my first time working?

If you are relieving a shift, ask the volunteers working to give you an overview before they leave.  There is also a white 3-ring binder usually by the cheese machine that has details on how to work things as well as opening & closing instructions.  If you’re opening, one of us, the managers, will usually be in to get you going.  If we’re not going to be there, we will let you know & step you through things beforehand.

  1. What do we do if someone doesn’t show up?

If someone doesn’t show up for their shift while you are working or to relieve you, please notify one of the concession managers immediately.  The managers’ numbers are posted in the stand.

  1. Should we answer the stand’s phone if it rings?

YES PLEASE! If you’re not swamped.  It’s probably one of the managers checking in.  If helping customers, don’t worry, we will call back in a bit. 

  1. What if the stand is running out of change or items that could affect sales (like hot dog buns)?

Please contact one of the managers before you run out so we can be proactive.

  1. What if I make a mistake on the register?

There are note cards in each register to write the mistake on.  Please fill out the best you can so we can go back & correct it, if needed, later on.

  1. Can my teenager work with me?

Children 14 and older can be assigned a volunteer shift if their parent is taking the other shift assigned at the same time.  Please do not take boys’ high school game shifts with your child though.  These shifts are very busy & very crowded.  We need adults to work these shifts.

  1. Can my younger children hang out with me while I work?

No children younger than 14 allowed in the concession stand.

  1. Are the boys’ high school games really as crazy to work as we hear?

Yes, the word on the street is true, the boys’ varsity games get very busy, but it makes the night go fast and actually is fun.  To help alleviate any concerns you might have for working these shifts however, here are descriptions of the positions volunteers work during those games:

  • One volunteer on each of the 2 iPad Square systems to enter in the orders & receive payment.
  • One volunteer partnered up with each of the Square volunteers.  This volunteer gets the items ordered for their Square order.
  • One volunteer makes popcorn all night.
  • One volunteer on microwave duty.
  • One volunteer who floats & helps out where needed.  This volunteer also helps restock the stand and/or grab items needed out of the storage room.

And usually either one or both managers are at the games helping out.