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2017-18 Birth Date Ranges

Minnesota Hockey 2017-18 Level of Play

Boys Date Range Girls Date Range
Junior Gold 7/1/98 to 6/30/2002 15U 7/1/2001 to 6/30/2004
U16 Boys 7/1/00 to 6/30/2002 12U 7/1/04 to 6/30/06
MN Bantam 7/1/2002 to 6/30/2004 10U 7/1/06 to 6/30/08
MN PeeWee 7/1/04 to 6/30/06 8U 7/1/08 to 6/30/10
MN Squirts 7/1/06 to 6/30/08 6U 7/1/10 to 6-30-12
MN Mite 7/1/08 to 6/30/10
MN Mini Mite 7/1/10 to 6-30-12
RAHA Termite 7-1-12 to 6-30-13


Chris Kalata

Registration Coordinator

Phone: 651.276.0351

Grey Zone Move-Up Policy for 2017-18 Season

Players born between July 1st and August 31st who have played 2 years at their current level will have the option to move-up to the next skating level.  This policy allows skaters to move-up if their skill level is ready for the next level or to move-up with other skaters in their grade class that they go to school with.

Example:  This year the mite age range is 7/1/08 to 6/30/10.  Little Jonnny Hockey has played 2 years at Mite and has a birth date of 7-16-08 which is between July 1st and Aug 31st.  Johnny has the option to remain a Mite or move up to Squirts per our grey zone policy.  

Mini-Mite/6U Move-Up to Mite/8U range is 7-1-10 to 8-31-10

Mites/8U Move-up to Squirt/10U range is 7-1-08 to 8-31-08

Squirt/10U Move-up to Peewee/12U range is 7-1-06 to 8-31-06

Peewee/12U Move-up to Bantam/15U range is 7-1-2004 to 8-31-2004

Once your petition is approved, the following conditions apply:

A. He/She must complete a minimum of two years of hockey at the level they are moving up to.

B. Because of their extended eligibility, this player may choose to play three (3) years at a particular level.  It will be at the player’s parent(s) discretion as to when this would be in the best interest of the player to remain at a level for a 3rd year.

C. You will fill out a new move-up request in 2 years if you are choosing to forego your 3rd year of eligibility.

Move Up Petition and Code Request