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Coach Selection


  1. Register with USA Hockey
    Mini-Mite/6U & Termite Assistant Coaches register for the FREE Volunteer USA Hockey Membership unless you are not Level 1 certified; a Coach Membership is required to take CEP classes
    Mite/8U & All Traveling Head & Assistant Coaches - must register for the PAID membership; will be reimbursed once your team is rostered
  2. Register with RAHA as a coach for the season
    This is how coaches are added to RAHA rosters, granted admin rights to team's Sports Engine and DIBs are assigned
  3. CEP Level Certification
    ~ Updated for the 2023‐24 season, if required
  4. Submit receipts for reimbursement
    ~ Visit our Coach Reimbursement page for more details

Ben Hanson

Coaches Coordinator - Traveling & IP