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District 8 Mandatory Traveling Head Coaches Meetings (Head Coaches Must Attend One)

Wednesday, Oct 23rd 2019 – 7:00pm enVision Hotel, South St Paul

Wednesday, Nov 20th 2019– 7:00pm enVision Hotel, South St Paul

Planning on Coaching This Season

Items that need to be done IMMEDIATELY (Required before going on the ice this season)

  • Note: Mini-Mite, 6U and Termite Coaches - Only HEAD COACHES are applicable to the information below. Assistants only need to complete the following:
    • Fill out the USA Hockey Volunteer Registration - link below (Free Registration)
    • Enter  your USA Hockey Volunteer registration number here (link below)
    • Complete SafeSport module (Needed every 2 YEARS)
    • Complete Background Screening (Needed every 2 YEARS)
  • All other coaches need to complete the following prior to the start of the season...
    • Register for the $50 USA Hockey and Enter # into RAHA Coaches USA Hockey # reg below.       
    • Complete MN Hockey Background Screening (Need to do every 2 YEARS) - Required before on-ice participation
    • Complete USA Hockey SafeSport Training (Need to do every 2 YEARS) - Required before on-ice participation 
    • Complete USA Hockey Age Specific Module - Required before on-ice participation
      • Once you complete the age specific module you are good at that age level forever
    • Complete Concussion Training (Change: Need to do EVERY 2 years)
      • Submit Coaches Concussion Certification & fill out Acknowledgement form via the upload link below
  • Need to complete the following before DEC 31st:
    • Re-Certify to the next level (Classroom training) if your CEP is expiring this year
    • Exception - Coaches are allowed to coach IP on an expired CEP certification.

The LEVEL 2 CEP is ONLY Good for 1 Year

Level 3 can recertify twice online before having to get their level 4

Once Assigned to a Team - Register for USA Hockey ASAP

Assistant Coaches for Mini-Mite, 6U Girls and Termites are allowed to register for the FREE Volunteer USA Hockey #

All other Head and Assistant coaches must choose the PAID registration which will be reimbursed to you once your team is rostered.

Register for your USA # Here

ALL coaches must enter their # into the USA Confirmation Registration below.

USA Hockey - Safe Sport Training Module




All Managers, Coaches, and Volunteers who will be around the players are required to do the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training Module.  Total time is around 90 minutes and will need to be completed before your team can be rostered.  Once you complete the module, you need to take the 30 minute* refresher every 2 years.

USA Hockey SafeSport Training

Coaches - Background Screening




If you were screened last season, it is good for 2-Years and you DO NOT have to rescreen this year.  Not Sure...Click Here to check your status.

Once you complete the screening process, you should receive a confirmation email that you have PASSED and nothing more needs to be done on your end as we can review a list of Rosemount Coaches and their results on the MN Hockey Website.


MN hockey Background Screening Link

Required CONCUSSION Training

What Certifications are Accepted?

1) Your USA Hockey online age module Completion

2) The Center for Disease Control:  

3) National Federation of State High School Associations

4) Training Confirmations through other youth sports programs

Please SCAN or take a PHOTO of your Confirmation and upload it Below



My CEP Expired, but I am still coaching the 8U age level...Do I need to do my level 2 classroom certification?  NOPE!  You can coach Mites, Mini-Mites, 8U Girls and younger on an EXPIRED CEP and won't have to move to the next level CEP unitl you skater hits the traveling level.  Even If you stopped coaching in 2009 at level 2 and now you are back coaching a younger can coach at the 8U and under on your expired Level 2 CEP.


MY LEVEL 1 IS EXPIRED or EXPIRING THIS DECEMBER, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?  You must attend a Level 2 clinic AND complete the online age-specific module for the next age level you will be coaching. EXCEPTION - Mite, Mini-Mite and 8U coaches may remain at Level 1 and coach on an expired CEP until they move to the next level.

Is my Level 2 CEP really only valid for 1 Season?  Yes...That is correct.  Example - If you upgraded to Level 2 in December 2016, your CEP is only good through the end of that 2016 season.  If you coach again the next season (2016-17, you are required to upgrade to Level 3 before Dec 31st 2017.

You DO NOT need to take the online age specific module if you are coaching at the same level and completed it last year. Online modules for each level only need to be completed ONCE.

I am coaching Squirts for the first time and also helping as an assistant for a Mite team for the first time.  Do I have to take BOTH online Modules for each level?  YES….You are required to do the online age specific module for each level you are coaching, unless you completed that levels online module last year.

MY LEVEL 3 IS EXPIRED or EXPIRING THIS DECEMBER, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?  You must complete the online Level 3 re-certification (You can do this twice) or attend a Level 4 clinic. You can no longer attend another Level 3 clinic to recertify your Level 3 certification.